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Growth Disorder
2013-08-13 17:11:52

< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>
Growth Characteristics
1. Differentiation between male and female
Female grows quickly about two years than male, this is because female reach skeletal maturity faster than male. Boys grow up rapidly around ages 11~14 and girls grow ages 10~12.
2. Period of rapid growth
Normally, there are four periods of growth and two of them are the periods of rapid growth. First stage is from birth to age two where nutrition is the most important thing. Second stage is from adolescence to age 15~16. After two years of adolescence, growth ceases in both male and female because of closed growth plates. Thus, treatment of growth is particularly opportune at the time of school age that is before adolescence.
1. Inborn error
   a. osteodystrophy
   b. chromosome aberration (Down's syndrome or turner syndrome)
   c. IntraUterine Growth Retardation IUGR)
2. Secondary growth delay caused by chronic disease
   Innutrition led by anorexia, diarrhea
   digestive, cardiac, liver and bowel, lung, thyroid disease
3. Hormone Deficiency (Particularly Growth Hormone Deficiency)
4. Familial dwarfism
   Inherited factor that is genetically transmitted from parents to child influences offspring. In this case,
   one or both of parents are dwarfism.
5. Constitutional dwarfism
   Weight and height of newborn are normal at birth. After birth, baby doesn't grow well without reason.
   At that time, baby growth rate slows. Yet, after that, growth rate returns back to normal.
   (Puberty is delayed compared with other children.)
6. Psychosocial dwarfism
   Social isolation, child abuse, break up with parents, lack of affection
Diagnosing growth disorder
   1. Cortisol Binding Globulin (CBG), Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
   2. Thyroid test
   3. Chromosome examination
   4. Urine examination
   5. Radiologic examination : Bone age, Skull X-ray, CT, MRI (in the case of suspecting disorder of central nervous system)
   6. Growth Hormone Measurement
   7. Body composition test
Classification of weak children accompanied with growth disorder
1. Digestive system weakness
   . Anorexia
   . Monophagia (Eat only what one wants)
   . Vomit
   . Frequent stomachache (Especially, pain around navel)
   . Indigestion
   . Bad breath
2. Respiratory system weakness
   . Continual flu, fever, cough
   . Suffering from Bronchiolitis, bronchitis, throat pain, tonsillitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma in the past or present
3. Circulatory & neuropsychiatric weakness
   . Get frightened and scared easily
   . Sleeplessness caused by anxiety, nervousness
   . Very tense
4. Liver function & metabolism weakness
   . Easily get tired
   . Often feel dizzy
   . Have a nosebleed
   . Soft skin
   . Partially have a cramp
5. Urogenital & skeletal system weakness
   . Frequent urination, Feeling of residual urine
   . Bedwetting
   . Pain around arms or knee at night (Pain stops when getting a massage)
How to grow taller
- Nutrition -
1. Eat high-calorie food as much as possible and eat high-protein food based on quality of food not quantity of food
2. External blue colored fish which contains enough calories and protein and spinach, carrot, tangerine etc
   that contain lots of minerals and vitamins are protective foods to grow tall
3. Drink milk about 12 oz
- Exercise -
1. Exercises that help to grow taller : Jump rope, sprint, swimming, dance, gymnastics, volleyball,
                                                         tennis, basketball, ping-pong, badminton etc
2. Exercises that does not help to grow taller : weight training, wrestling, judo, marathon, rugby etc
3. Exercises that help to gain weight : Judo, rowing the boat, wrestling, weight training etc
- Tips for everyday life -
   1. Get plenty of rest and sleep
   2. Do not lift heavy things
   3. Avoid walking around or standing up for a long time
   4. Wash legs clean
   5. Exercise that can poise on toes and bend knee a little bit
   6. Do not wear stiff shoes
   7. Get leg and foot massage
Cause & herbal medicine of growth disorder based on Korean medicine
Growth is done by yang energy, especially Sinyang (a kind of yang energy). Korean medicine doctor says that growth disorder is led by innate function of Sin deficiency and acquired function of Bi deficiency. Therefore, internal secretion and nutrition play the major roles in growth.
Herbal medicines that are used in treatment of growth disorder are Swaeyang, GuGiJa, DuChang, SokDan, Ogapi, WooSeul, HasuO, GolSwaebo, EumYangKwok, Ginseng, YukJongYok, NokGak, NokYong etc.

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Bad Breath Clinic 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-10-21 , 조회수 : 13,197 ]
< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                       ☯ What is bad breath (Halitosis)?   Bad breath is defined as an unpleasant odor of mouth, bad odor from mouth and nose, and bad breath caused by a certain disease. The chief cause is the bad breath made from the mouth. Bad breath, however, may be made from surrounding organs such as nose, throat and stomach. Also, bad breath is caused by including element which is made from digestive system and spreads through the bloodstream in exhalation.   Even some patients feel subjective sign of bad breath even though there are no problems according to machine measurement or other people cannot feel bad breath.         ☯ Bad breath  is hard to cure   It’s standard that patients with bad breath and unpleasant odor gargle or get dental, ENT treatments. If patients cannot notice an improvement in symptoms after treatment, bad breath due to anaerobic bacteria can be the reason. A lot of patients get various treatments but the symptoms persist. In this case, Korean medical treatments are effective.         ☯ Symptoms of bad breath       If the symptoms persist, you need to get treatment at Dunsan Korean medicine hospital.         ° Postnasal drip syndrome       ° Persistent dry mouth       ° A furred tongue       ° Feeling like having bad breath       ° Yellowish nasal discharge         ☯ Diagnostic method of bad breath   Although several diagnostic instruments are of help to measure bad breath, up to the present, there are no medical equipments that can perfectly measure the bad breath. However, Halimeter which is a diagnostic instrument for measurement of volatility sulfur compounds helps to know what the reasons are and how serious bad breath is.         ☯ Treatment   The causes of bad breath are various. So patient needs to get a proper treatment considering the reason.   1. Mouth      Treatments with medication for getting rid of coat on tongue, stimulating salivary secretion, improving energy      and removing body wastes.   2. Nose or Throat     If the mucus runs down the back of the nose to the throat and causes a bad odor, patient gets treatments     for getting rid of inflammation and increasing immune system.   3. Aerotropic bad breath     Treatments with medication and dietary control for treating internal organs disorders like abdominal fever.   Bad breath clinic at Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital offers various kinds of treatments such as acupuncture, moxibustion, detox therapy and treatment with medication. We help patients to improve symptoms causing bad breath through Korean medicine treatments.         ☯ Korean medicinal gargle      ° Asaroum        : For rhinitis, sinusitis, headache, flu etc.    ° Round cardamom        : For improving stomach function    ° Clove        : For strengthening stomach, getting rid of germs and warming the body    ° Licorice        : For treating disorders of digestive system and detoxifying body.   Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital diagnoses Korean medical gargle that is made of asaroum, round cardamom, clove and licorice for curing bad breath.         ☯ Prevention of bad breath   The causes of bad breath are numerous so patients need to get different kinds of prevention method according to the reason. There are basic methods for treating bad breath.        ° Stop smoking, Stop drinking alcohol      ° Regular oral health assessment (Every 6 calendar months)      ° Tooth brushing, using dental floss, using tongue cleaner, gargling      ° Try not to eat meat and fatty foods      ° Eat more fruits and vegetables      ° Avoid eating foods that cause bad breath       ( ex. garlic, green onion, onion, bracken, egg, white radish, mustard etc.)   Also, feeling at ease is an important key to prevent bad breath.  
Anti aging clinic 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-10-17 , 조회수 : 3,667 ]
  < Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                        ☯What is aging   Aging means loss of body functions over time. Since the body’s aging process is a retrograde change that occurs over several decades, if a person doesn’t take care of his/ her body he or she gets old quickly or even dies. Also, this is the reason that someone looks younger and someone looks older for their ages. Human beings have been made arduous efforts to enjoy eternal youth from the past to the present.         ☯ Korean medicine’s viewpoint about aging   Korean medicine doctors said “The ups and downs of energy leads to physiological changes and this is the reason of aging.” In NaeGyeong, the best source book of Korean medicine, since energy in the body starts to decrease when 35 years old (women) and 40 years old (men), so maintain energy is essential.     Furthermore, Donguibogam, Korean medical encyclopedia, introduces principle for anti aging. That is “If a person obeys the law of nature, he or she is able to prevent aging.”         ☯ How to prevent aging      1. Try to live a moderate life    2. Improve blood circulation in the body by practicing gymnastics like Doin method and AnMa method.    3. Take medicine such as GongJinDan and JaHAGeo for keeping internal organs in top condition.         ☯ Who needs Anti Aging Clinic?     If you…           1. look older for your age      2. have been nervous so accelerate the aging process      3. loss of libido because of menopause      4. are always exhausted without a certain reason       ☯ GonJinDan   GonJinDan which is made with rare and precious ingredients was the best of the best medicine. Therefore, the only one who could take GonJinDan was an emperor of ancient China. GongJinDan is known as a proper medicine when getting older and having low energy. GonJinDan is without a doubt the best medicine of anti aging clinic.                   ☯  Pacenta method   Placenta method is a treatment method using placenta. Anti aging clinic offers herbal acupuncture therapy which is directly injected into the proper acupoints using placental extract. Also, we add extract to herbal medicine that is according to patient’s constitution. In this way, patients take medicine with better efficiency.   The pharmacological actions of placenta are as follows;       ° Prevent aging     ° Strengthen energy     ° Improve constitution     ° Autonomic nervous control     ° Improve liver function     ° Increase immunity         ☯Seven taboos by TaeEulJinIn     Ancient sages suggest subjects for prevention of aging as follows;         1. Improve energy in the body by speaking less.       2. Increase energy by not having a messy sex life.       3. Improve energy and blood circulation by eating a light diet.       4. Improve the five viscera by preventing sap in the body.       5. Improve energy in the liver and bowels by controlling anger.       6. Improve energy in stomach by regulating food intake.       7. Improve energy in heart by not fantasizing.     Pyeonjak, a noted doctor, said “Treat before falling ill, not after falling ill” that means importance of prevention. It is a ground rule of anti aging clinic to help patient not to get serious disease and to keep in good condition by living a moderate life and taking care of his/her body.  
Female reproductive system disorders 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-10-15 , 조회수 : 3,354 ]
< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                ☯ Disorders   - Period pain, PMS, Amenorrhoea -   Nearly half of all women have pain during periods. Areas of pain are very diverse. (e.g. pain in low abdomen, backache, knee pain, thigh pain)   Symptoms during periods are different.      1. Physical symptoms          Fatigue, headache, abdominal inflation, breast expansion and pain, acne, arthralgia, constipation,          recrudescent herpes infection, mycosis.      2. Psychological symptoms          Anxiety, depression, hostility, anger, attention difficulties, sopor, hyposexuality, loss of appetite, emotional instability.        Female hormone which affects period is highly sensitive to psychological factors. As a result, amenorrhea can occur.     - Leukorrhea –   Leukorrhea is caused by diseases such as cervicitis, vulvovaginitis, bartholinitis and so on, which are led by trichomonas, candida, chlamydia, herpes and other various germs and bacteria. Also, systematic reasons like diabetes and senile reason can cause vaginitis.     - Gonadal tumor -   Most tumors of female reproductive system occur in uterus and ovary, for example, myoma of the uterus, uterine cancer, ovarian tumor, and ovarian cancer. Patients may do not know that they got a disease because symptoms rarely show before myoma of the uterus grows large enough. Lots of patients stumble upon this disorder. About 20% of women over 30 have a myoma of the uterus.     - Pain in the lower abdomen, backache, pelvic pain -   Women suffer pain in the lower abdomen, pelvic pain and backache than men. Pelvic infection, endometriosis, myoma of the uterus and retroflexion of the uterus can be the reasons of the pain. Unfortunately, sometimes doctors in western medicine do not know what the particular reasons of pain are.     - Urinary incontinence -   Urinary incontinence is an involuntary leakage of urine. Patients leak urine when intra-abdominal pressure increases such as coughing, sneezing, lifting the heavy things and laughing. If muscles get weaker and weaker, patients cannot hold their urine when exercising, going up and down the stairs or even having sex.     - Pollakisuria (bladder infection) -   Symptoms of acute cystitis (bladder infection) are polyuria and pain when urinating. In addition, patients suffer from severe pain in lower abdomen. Also, urinary incontinence and hematuria can occur.     - Female urethral syndrome (dysuresia) -   Symptoms of female urethral syndrome have the semblance of symptoms of bladder infection such as polyuria, pain when urinating and residual urine. However, patient with female urethral syndrome cannot find a certain causative organism according to urine culture test. In this case, symptoms last longer. Depending on times, symptoms get worse or get better. Female urethral syndrome could recur after treatment.         ☯ Diagnosis   Clinic of female reproductive system disorders have high-tech diagnostic equipments for treatment.       ° Traditional method – MangMunMunJeol SaJin     ° High-tech Korean medical diagnostic equipments     ° Urine examination     ° Hormone test     ° X ray examination     ° Digital infrared thermal imaging (D.I.T.I)         ☯ Treatment   - Acupuncture -      Stimulate acupoints and local parts flowing through cavum pelvis & increase energy and blood circulation.   - Sitz bath -      Increase blood flow of reproductive organs & treat pain and inflammation.   - Herbal medicine -      Increase body function by taking herbal medicine based on each patient’s constitution & improve overall reproductive function.   - Moxibustion -      Improve energy and blood circulation of reproductive organs and urinary system & boost immune system.   - Herbal acupuncture -      Adjust inflammation & boost immunity    
Fertility clinic 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-10-10 , 조회수 : 5,453 ]
  < Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                        ☯ What is infertility?   Infertility is the failure of a healthy couple to conceive a pregnancy after trying to do so for at least a year without birth control. Generally, 80-90% women get pregnant within a year if a couple continues sex life without birth control. Waiting indefinitely for pregnancy is wildcat scheme and a couple must find the cause of infertility and get a proper treatment.         ☯ What causes infertility?   - In men   Around 40% of the time, the root of the infertility is due to men. Male infertility is caused by several factors such as low sperm count, poor sperm movement, abnormal sperm shape, abnormal sperm component, problems with tube carrying sperm and sexual function disorder.   - In women   About 50%, the cause of the infertility is due to female partner. The reasons of female infertility are…    ° Ovulatory disorder    ° Damage to the fallopian tubes    ° Problem within cavum pelvis    ° Problem with cervical mucus    ° Problem intrauterine    ° Immunological factor   Yet, there are many cases of being infertile without particular reason. In Korean medicine, we help a couple to overcome infertility by diagnosing and treating based on a unique Korean medicine.         ☯ What is ‘feeling cold’   Feeling cold means sensitivity to the cold or certain part of the body is too cold to be incapacitated. Hands, feet, lower abdomen, waist, knee, sacrum are the main parts of feeling cold. Feeling cold affects more women than men. It has a bad effect on the female hormone. As a result, disorders such as infertility, menstrual irregularity, cramps and various inflammations easily occur. Patients with feeling cold have other symptoms, for instance, constipation, neuralgia, arthralgia, backache, ringing in the ears, insomnia, dizziness, headache etc.         ☯ Link between feeling cold and infertility   Feeling cold causes the failure of blood circulation in pelvic, ovary and uterus tissue hypo metabolism and poor hormone secretion. Consequently, feeling cold makes it difficult to ovulate, implant and maintain pregnancy and so on. Therefore, unexplained infertility might be caused by feeling of cold.         ☯ Recurrent pregnancy loss   Recurrent pregnancy loss is the occurrence of three or more pregnancy losses within 20 weeks gestation. In this case, Korean medical treatment helps to promote optimal fetal development. Treatments of Antea method and Gotea method that prevent miscarriage during the period of threatened abortion and maintain pregnancy are developed.         ☯ Diagnosis of feeling cold & infertility      ° Basic body temperature measurement    ° Digital infrared thermal imaging (D.I.T.I)    ° Physiometry       ☯ Treatment of feeling cold & infertility   - Acupuncture –   Offer treatment of the root of feeling cold and infertility & improve energy and blood circulation by stimulating local parts of the body.   - Sitz bath therapy –   Increase blood flow of reproductive organs & treat cold lower abdomen and cold hands and feet.   - Herbal medicine –   Increase body function by taking herbal medicine based on each patient’s constitution & improve overall reproductive function.   - Moxibustion -   Improve energy and blood circulation of reproductive organs & boost immune system.    
Postpartum obesity clinic 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-10-08 , 조회수 : 2,856 ]
< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                      ☯ Postpartum edema? Postpartum obesity!   After pregnancy and childbirth, many mothers are worried about sudden weight gain. If a mother is gaining weight 6 months after delivery, she can be diagnosed with postpartum obesity. Moreover, if a mother cannot revert to the previous weight set point within 3 to 6 months after giving birth, the body set point would be higher and constitution can be changed into an obese type. So weight control is imperative at the appropriate time and in a proper manner.         ☯ Cause of being overweight after delivery   1. Misunderstanding of “Eat well & Sleep well after delivery”   Needless to say, proper postpartum care is important. Undue postpartum care, however, could cause postpartum obesity. This is because “Eat well & Sleep well” lifestyle that mother got used to continues even after delivery.   2. Slowing down metabolism because of poor energy and blood flow after delivery.   Generally function of internal organs decreases after pregnancy and delivery. Also function that transforms food into energy decreases. Consequently, the extra calories result in fat.   3. Poor water metabolism results in swelling   Once woman gets pregnant, total body water increases and this causes swelling. For eliminating body fluids after delivery, above all things, improving energy and blood circulation is the top priority. After childbirth, however, body energy consumption increases and physical activity decreases so metabolism can slow down.         ☯ When treatment of postpartum obesity is needed   Increased body weight caused by pregnancy and delivery should be lost within 3 to 6 months after childbirth. It’s safe to start losing weight after 6 to 8 weeks of delivery. If mother makes a rapid recovery, she could start going on a diet in 4th week after delivery.         ☯ Breast feeding & postpartum weight loss   Breast feeding is a good way to lose weight. Breast feeding burns 500 to 1000 kcal a day breaking down thigh and hip fat. Moreover, it has effect on building strong abdominal muscle power by helping uterine contractions.         ☯ Why Korean medicine is good for postpartum obesity      1. Improve energy and blood circulation    2. Remove extravasated blood    3. Rapid recovery of uterus, vagina, urinary system    4. Prevention of postpartum disorders    5. Reduce swelling after pregnancy    6. Get rid of extra fat by stimulating metabolism    7. Help reduce postpartum depression & Offer treatment according to mother’s condition         ☯Treatments      1. Herbal medicine          : Herbal medicine according to mother’s condition      2. Acupuncture & moxibustion              : Obese acupuncture (acupuncture that breaks down fats) for gynoid lipodystrophy         & moxibustion that boosts metabolism by thermotherapy      3. Sitz bath therapy          : Promote recovery of uterus and reproductive organs & Improve energy and blood circulation in the abdomen      4. Cupping therapy         : Get rid of cellulite by improving energy and blood flow      5. Aroma therapy         : Mental wellbeing after giving birth & Depression treatment      6. Obesity management program         : Total care with “Wellness Academia- obesity management center”      7. Nutrition management         : Menu management by faculty of the Department of Food and Nutrition  
Large intestine detox clinic 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-10-02 , 조회수 : 2,705 ]
  < Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr         ☯ Large intestine detox clinic   Intestine is an organ that is in charge of food digestion and excreting useless body waste matter from the body in a form of feces. However, if feces stay in intestine for a long time, they stick in intestine. As a result, intestine becomes hard, intestinal function decreases and causes problems. Feces contained long in the intestines are caused by the reasons as follows;      ° Overeating, binge    ° Dietary habits that eats more meat than vegetables or fruits    ° Eat in a hurry without chewing    ° Get excessive stress    ° Lack of exercise         ☯ Regular motions   Bowel movements are mightily important to enjoy the life. It is no exaggeration to say that all intestine diseases come from the foods. Overeating and irregular meals, excessive stress and lack of exercise cause intestine malfunction and various large intestine disorders such as constipation, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome and so on. If chronic diarrhea or constipation continues, it can cause malignant diseases of the intestine.         ☯ Intestinal bacterial flora   Improvement of intestinal condition is the first step for regular motions. There are countless germs in intestine. Lactobacillus like bifidobacteria gets majority and acid that is produced by lactobacillus stops spoilage bacteria from reproducing. Dietary fiber provides place and nutrition for propagation of lactobacillus. On the contrary, meat diet or instant foods increase obligate aerobes that speed up the rotting process.         ☯ When large intestine detox is needed?   - Constipation –      ° Stress constipation (students, office workers)    ° Habitual constipation (young women)    ° Chronic constipation (middle-aged class)   - Diarrhea –      ° Diarrhea after drinking alcohol    ° Diarrhea after eating greasy food like meat    ° Have watery stool all the time   - Irritable bowel syndrome –      ° Chronic and intermittent symptoms    ° Continuous stomachache    ° Abnormal bowel movements accompanied by constipation and diarrhea    ° Urgent bowel movement    ° Inadequate defecation    ° Abdominal distension    ° Frequent gas         ☯ Jangkwaehwan (medicine) for large intestine detox   For large intestine detox, patients need to activate Intestinal bacterial flora and bowel movements.  Large intestine detox clinic at Dunsan Korean medicine hospital prescribes Jangkwaehwan medicine that helps to improve intestinal function. We also provide several treatments, for instance, acupuncture, moxibustion, detoxification therapy for removing coprostasis and improving chronic constipation, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome.         ☯ Dietary treatment & Health rules   -Recommended foods-      ° Apple (pectin)    ° Kelp    ° Seaweed (algin)    ° Shrimp    ° Crap (chitin)    ° Konjac    ° Potato (glucomannan)    ° Various marine plants   -Lifestyle recommendation-      ° Regular lifestyle    ° Moderate food intake    ° Stress relief    ° Exercise  
Joint pain clinic 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-10-01 , 조회수 : 2,872 ]
< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                                ☯ What is joint pain clinic?   Joint pain clinic is a clinical field that treats pain and functional disorders that are not detected through tests. In addition, we treat diseases that are refractory ones. In Korean medicine, there is a treatment principle which is “Wherever energy flows, there is a pain. On the contrary to this, diseases occur wherever energy stops flowing.” Dunsan Korean medicine hospital makes constant efforts to know what the cause of disease and improves inflammation, edema. We treat a disease of unknown etiology or disease that has no treatment method by stimulating ability of autotherapy.         ☯ The Korean medicine’s view of arthritis   Korean medicine doctor says that arthritis occurs when bad factors (風 wind, 寒 cold, 濕 wet) get into the sick body and energy and blood flow decrease. Arthritis is also diversely classed as the cause, part, symptom, depth, season etc. Joint pain clinic at Dunsan Korean medicine hospital treats illness by making a diagnosis based on Korean medicine and modern diagnostic equipment.         ☯ Diagnosis   -Korean medicine-      · Pulse test    · Eye scan    · Sasang constitution test    · Meridian test    · Inspection, medical examination by interview, medical examination by smelling and listening, palpation.   - Western medicine -      · Blood & urine tests    · Bone density measurement    · X-Ray    · C-T (computed tomography) scans         ☯ Treatment   1. Acupuncture therapy   : Traditional acupuncture, electropuncture, vascular laser acupuncture   2. Physical therapy   : Meridian treatment   3. Cupping therapy   : Dry cupping, wet cupping   4. Fumigation therapy   : Herbal medicine, exercise treatment         ☯ Symptoms that can be cured at joint pain clinic…      1. Peripheral neuralgia    2. Gouty arthritis    3. Frozen shoulders    4. Rheumatoid arthritis    5. Degenerative arthritis    6. Visual Display Terminal Syndrome (VDT Syndrome)    7. Acute & chronic joint pain, backache, disc    8. Aftereffect of joint surgery    9. Degenerative arthritis    10. Muscle pain, sprain, ligament injury    11. Circulatory disturbance, edema, arm and leg numbness    12. Aftereffect caused by car accident or industrial accident    13. Pain treatment after surgery    14. Sports injury
Weak children clinic 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-09-28 , 조회수 : 3,642 ]
  < Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                    Korean herbal medicine is effective for not only treatment of disease but also improvement immunity by building physical strength.     ☯ Symptoms of weak children   Your child…      1. Suffers from the same disease    2. Has a cold sweat a lot even though child has no disease    3. Physical and mental sluggishness for child’s age    4. Has no appetite even though child has no disease    5. Is underweight for child’s height    6. Is in recovery or after suffering from a disease    7. Is fatigued without illness    8. Always has a cold    9. Is anemic or after surgery or bleeding    10. Talks in sleep or cannot get a sound sleep         ☯ Different kinds of children   A. Weak Digestive System (weak spleen)      · Do not eat well because of decreased appetite    · Eat only what he/she wants    · Often get indigestion    · Often suffer from stomachache    · Frequently vomit    · Frequent diarrhea or constipation    · Easily get tired    · Lethargic & underweight   B. Weak Respiratory System (weak lung)      · Frequently get a cold and not easily cured    · Cough a lot at night and dawn    · Cough when eating cold foods and exposing to cold air    · Have asthma    · Sneeze a lot and a lot of mucus   C. Weak Neuropsychological System (weak heart)      · Easily get surprised    · Have convulsions    · Cannot adapt to the environmental changes well    · Have a nervous temperament    · Cannot get a sound sleep    · Talk in sleep    · Walk up and down after waking up   D. Weak Motorisches Nervensystem (weak liver)      · Fall down a lot    · Sprain arm or leg    · Have muscle cramps    · Get angry readily    · Leg hurts when walking a lot   E. Weak Urogenital System (weak kidney)      · Polyuria & residual urine    · Pollakisuria    · Wet the bed at night    · Swollen Eyelids when waking up         ☯Precautions when having herbal medicine      · Do not overeat    · Do not have herbal medicine when having a fever because of flu or tonsillitis    · It’s better not to eat cold foods like chicken, pork, ice water or soda    · Child who has weak digestive system so indigestion, stomachache or diarrhea occur      when eating a little too much needs to get herbal medicine after treating digestive system first.     ☯When should child start having herbal medicine?   Six months later after birth, immune function that is from mother tends to decrease. Therefore, from this period baby is sensitive to external stimulus like flu. There is no ‘RIGHT’ time to take herbal medicine. Patient is always able to take it if he/she needs to. If patient have herbal medicine as a measure of prevention, it is good to take it between 6 months after birth and a year.         ☯ Curiosity about herbal medicine   - Dosage of herbal medicine –   Generally, patient takes packs of herbal medicine (The number of pack : one half of patient’s age) twice a year.   - How to get child to have herbal medicine –   Putting sugar into herbal medicine has no direct effect on medicinal effect. (Brown sugar is better than white.) Honey has a warm nature so may have effect on medicinal effect. Therefore, it’s good not to put honey except particular cases.    
Car accident injuries 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-09-25 , 조회수 : 4,005 ]
< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                      ☯ Aftereffect of car accident   Aftereffect of car accident is a clinical syndrome led by traffic accident. Symptoms immediately after the accident are not that serious. Rather patient suffers from subjective symptoms after a certain period of time such as neck pain, headache, fatigue, dizziness and insomnia. Moreover, postprocedural symptoms like fracture and spinal damage are also included in aftereffect of traffic accident.         ☯ Clinical Diseases      1. Contusion    2. Abrasion    3. Muscle damage    4. Joint damage    5. Fracture    6. Neurological damage    7. Brain hemorrhage    8. Aftereffect of surgical operation    9. Neuropsychiatric disease    10. Disease caused by injury         ☯ Clinical Symptoms      1. Stiff neck and body aches & easily getting tired.    2. Headache & Dizziness    3. Body feels heavy & Feeling of helplessness    4. Anxiety & Difficulty concentrating    5. Pain get worse at night & numbness, dullness and feel cold    6. Pain get worse when the weather and season changes         ☯ Principle of treatment   Korean medicine doctors say extravasated blood is formed and energy and blood circulation get worse because of traffic accident. Therefore, we offer treatment that helps to remove extravasated blood and improve meridian. Particularly, Korean medical treatment is highly helpful to patient who complains of pain but has no problem according to X-Ray or MRI.   - Physical therapy –      1. Cupping therapy, bloodletting therapy        : Improve energy and blood circulation by removing extravasated blood      2. Medical apparatus which uses magnetic fields, pneumatic massage        : Treatment method that treats imbalanced meridians.        : Regulate physiological equilibrium which is off balance by traffic accident.      3. Hot pack, hot and cold bath, ultrasonic waves, ultrahigh frequency, paraffin bath, infrared light.        : Increase blood flow around affected area.        : Relieve pain        : Improve energy      4. Electric stimulation method, TENS, Interference wave, acupuncture Needle Stimulator        : Stimulate abnormal energy balance and blood circulation by various methods.        : Relieve pain and recover by normalizing meridian system.   - Herbal medicine –   In the early stage, we offer herbal medicine therapy to get rid of extravasated blood and improve energy and blood flow. Later, herbal medicine that strengthens energy helps to overcome sequelae of car accident.   - Acupuncture and moxibustion therapy –   Therapy that relieves pain and improves meridian to recover function. Acupuncture is widely used for acute pain and moxibustion is effective for chronic pain.         ☯ Tips for patient      1. Korean medical treatment is more effective for patient who doesn’t need to get surgery.    2. Symptoms that didn’t occur at the time of the accident may occur after a few days or weeks.    3. Korean medical treatment is helpful to convalescence patient undergoing surgery.    4. Excessive sweating in sauna can lead to poor energy and blood circulation.    5. Patients are able to receive hospital treatment depending on symptoms.
Voice Clinic 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-09-23 , 조회수 : 3,784 ]
  < Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                          ☯ Causes of voice disorders in Korean medicine   金實不鳴 Symptom that patient suddenly loses voice because of cold, rhinitis and laryngopharyngitis.   金破不鳴 Function of vocal cords is gradually weakened because of voice abuse, misuse and overuse.         ☯ Bad eating habits      · Sweet and fatty foods    · Drinking more than 2 cups of coffee a day    · Alcohol and cigarette    · Long-term use of cold medicine    · Spit a lot    · Snacking within 3 hours of bedtime         ☯ Symptoms of voice disorders      1. Easily get tired when you talk a lot.    2. Get a hoarse voice for no apparent reason.    3. Itching and dryness around the neck & Drink water after waking up.    4. Put stress on the neck when trying to talk & Often feel pain around the neck.    5. Feeling like phlegm stuck in the throat when speaking & Hard to speak because of foreign body sensation.    6. Choking while speaking    7. In recent, having tonsil surgery or vocal cord surgery.         ☯ Causes of voice disorders      1. Vocal damage from singing or talking a lot    2. Often occurrence of post nasal drip which is mucus runs down the back of the throat        because of frequent colds or rhinitis    3. Use excess tension when speaking (e.g. presentation, teaching)    4. General deterioration of physical strength & Lack of energy    5. Eating sweet and fatty foods a lot    6. Gastroesophageal reflux disease         ☯ Treatment      1. Laryngendoscope        ; Examine vocal cords and larynx through laryngendoscope    2. Medical examination by interview & Examination the pulse        : Finding the cause of vocal cord disorder    3. Medical history        ; Check the patient’s medical history    4. Improve energy and blood circulation around the larynx by stimulating        acupuncture points of the neck and thyroid cartilage.    5. Fumigation therapy    6. Laryngeal massage  
Eye Strain 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-09-16 , 조회수 : 3,914 ]
< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                                    ☯ Symptoms      1. Eyes get tired when reading or using a computer    2. Eyes are often bloodshot or burst blood vessel in the eye without any special reason    3. Even though patient doesn’t have trouble with vision, patient blinks frequently to see things clearly    4. Heat sensation in eyes    5. Pain around eyes and headache in the afternoon    6. Blurred and double vision    7. Taking medicine for glaucoma currently or having high eye pressure    8. Having eye surgery (e.g. cataract surgery)    9. Often wearing contact lenses or having sore eyes because of Lasik surgery         ☯ Causes      1. Severe stress    2. Wearing contact lenses & Continuous inflammation like conjunctivitis    3. Overeating sweets and fatty foods    4. Lack of physical strength    5. Deficiency of sap providing nourishment         ☯ Treatment   In Korean medicine, we find out the cause of eye strain and offer treatments through medical examination by interview, examination the pulse and patient’s medical history.   Treatment methods depend on the causes and patient’s condition.      - Improve energy and blood flow around eyes by stimulating acupoints    - Improve organ function    - Strengthen organs that are severely weakened    - Fumigation method for moist eyes    - Eye massage  
Tinnitus Clinic 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-09-13 , 조회수 : 3,995 ]
  < Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr               ☯ Tinnitus Clinic   Dunsan Korean medicine hospital finds the reasons of tinnitus and offers treatment based on health questionnaire, pulse diagnosis, medical history, endoscopy of the external auditory meatus and eardrum. We offer various treatments to    - stimulate acupoints around the ear to improve energy and blood flow.    - adjust the function of damaged organs    - strengthen internal organs We also offer ear laser, eardrum massage, aroma therapy and counseling.   (Treatment method is depending on the cause and the state of a patient.)         ☯ Treatment      - Korean herbal medicine therapy -   If tinnitus is caused by…      1. Ear damage        · Noise damage        · Ear inflammation like otitis media             ; * BangPungTongSeongSan, * YongDamSaganTang        · Rhinitis or Eustachitis             ; * HyeongGaeYeonGyoTang, * ManhyungJaSan       2. Stress             ; * OnDamTang, * GaMiSoYoSan       3. Deterioration of Physical Strength        · Lack of energy             ; * BoJungIkGiTang        · Lack of blood volume             ; * SaMulTang. * GuiBiTang        · Lack of energy in the lower belly above the bladder             ; * YukMiJiHwangTang       4. Dizziness              ; * HaChulBoSimTang   (* = the names of Korean herbal medicine)         - Acupuncture & Moxibustion therapy -      · General acupuncture points           ; Yimun, CheongGung, CheongHoe, YePung, PungJi    · To boost energy, improve blood circulation, reduce stress           ; TaeChung, GuHeo    · When a patient has severe deterioration of physical strength and lack of energy in the lower belly above the bladder           ; SinSu, TaeGye    · When spleen and stomach are weak      (accompanied by dizziness and symptoms of unpleasant feeling in the chest, having acid reflux and nausea)           ; BiSu, JokSamRi – Adjunctively, patients get electric needles around the ear to stimulate.-    · Moxibustion on the belly & Dry cupping & Wet cupping can be applied.   (Italicized words = the names of acupoints)     - Ear laser & Eardrum massage -      · Improving peripheral blood flow    · Improving inflammatory disease    · Inducing tissue regeneration         - Aroma therapy -   Inhaling aroma fragrance through nose and neck has effects on relaxing the mind and improving tympanic cavity and nasal cavity, as a result , getting rid of tinnitus.         - Counseling -   Since sufferer of tinnitus persistently feels irritated and depressed, patient has problems with personal relationships and social life and might be socially isolated. The feature of tinnitus is difficulty of understanding and empathy. Because patient can easily become nervous, he/she needs to calm the nerves through continuous counseling with doctor.
Mae-Seon Acupuncture 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-09-12 , 조회수 : 4,073 ]
< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                  ☯ Principles of Korean medicine of ‘’Korean Medical Facial Surgery”   (Facial surgery that is based on principles and practices of Korean medicine)     Korean Medical Facial Surgery comes from KiJungSin (氣精神) principle in Donguibogam that is Korean medical encyclopedia. The fundamental principles is like this    ; stimulating meridian system and spots on the body suitable for acupuncture    ; changing or boosting energy flow    ; correcting body and skin naturally   That is, Mae-Seon Acupuncture is a cure that is manipulation of bones, muscles and energy.         ☯ When getting Mae-Seon Acupuncture   Heat sensation on the face may continue for about a day. However, this is harmless, that is, hot feeling in face is accompanied by energizing face. After this process, you will get fair and glowing skin and can wear makeup the day after procedure. Area where is gotten acupuncture is not noticeable after 3 days. The necessary time of procedure is about an hour and a half.           ☯ What is Mae-Seon Acupuncture?   Mae-Seon means acupuncture therapy that places stitches under the skin.   Mae-Seon is a method that is modern development of traditional Korean medical stitching therapy. Stitches placed underneath the skin will dissolve away over time. Mae-Seon Acupuncture has several effects as follows;    - Muscle supplement by strengthening connective tissues    - Induction of dermal collagenesis so long-term effects after procedure    - Effects will be increased over time   Mae-Seon is not a plastic surgery.   But we place stitches in the aponeurosis or the layer of fat, therefore patient can get results of improvement of facial blood circulation and energizing collagen by improving subcutaneous tissues. In particular, skin adhesion areas are disconnected little by little. So patients are able to have effects on filling out muscles and younger looking.         ☯Effects of Mae-Seon Acupuncture             ☯ When Mae-Seon Acupuncture is needed?       1. Even though facial wrinkles are not real deep, facial muscles become saggy because of gravity     2. Sunken cheeks     3. Smile lines are getting deeper     4. Wrinkles around mouth and smile lines are deeper when laughing     5. Jaw line becomes less defined         ☯ Mae-Seon Acupuncture is not just for wrinkles   Mae-Seon is good to those who…    - want some improvements on sagging facial muscles around mouth and smile lines    - want some facial refinement before marriage    - want energetic, fresh face  
Stress in children and adolescents 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-09-09 , 조회수 : 3,646 ]
  < Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                            Although many adults assume that children and adolescents do not get stressed, in fact they have source of stress in their own way. As the society develops, they are stressed a lot. In recent years, stress-related illnesses in children and adolescents have increased.   A lifetime health has its roots at childhood. Therefore, it's essential that children could grow up in stable surroundings through early detection and treatment.       ☯ Diseases caused by stress in children and adolescents   1. Night terrors      - Symptoms –       · Suddenly sit up in bed after around 90 minutes of falling sleep       · Stare wide-eyed       · Heavy breathing       · Talking nonsense and run out of the house      - Causes –       · Unsettled emotional conflict during development       · Stress by surrounding   2. Sleepwalking   Sleepwalking is a disease that doing a simple and repeated behaviors during sleeping.       - Symptoms –       · Suddenly being awake and looking dazed       · Tugging blanket       · Walking while sleeping       · Not responding when spoken to       · Doing repeated behavior       · Becoming violent when a person tries to deter from an action       · Not remembering the sleepwalking episode       · Symptoms are getting worse when a sleepwalker is tired or stressed   3. Convulsion disorder      - Symptoms –       · Loss of consciousness       · Spasm seizure (*** Symptoms of Convulsion disorder are similar to epilepsy but, there’s difference that no abnormalities are detected through brainwave test or physical examination.)      - Causes –       · Excessive stress of studying       · Family conflict etc   4. Tic disorder   Tic disorder is a disease in which a part of the muscle moves and contracts repeatedly without any particular reason.       - Symptoms –      · Movements of different parts of the body such as face, neck, shoulder, trunk and hand.      · Frowning      · Lip smacking      · Vocal tics (ex. Throat clearing, ‘Hmm’ sound)     - Causes –     · Relaxation of the tension related to the muscles     · Personal traits such as restlessness, timidity, sensitiveness, inordinate ambition.   5. ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)   ADHD is the common mental disorder among childrenren       - Characteristics of ADHD –       · Hyperactivity       ·    Impulsiveness       ·    Hypoprosexia       ·   Fails to complete tasks       ·    Does not follow through on instructions or rules       ·    Difficulty maintaining relationships       ·    Difficulty meeting parents’ expectations       < ADHD Test >   Never Sometimes Often Very Often 1. Is restless and hyperactive. 0 1 2 3 2. Is highly excitable and impulsive. 0 1 2 3 3. Disturbs other children. 0 1 2 3 4. Fails to complete tasks or activities & Has difficulty sustaining attention. 0 1 2 3 5. Always fidgets. 0 1 2 3 6. Is easily distracted by outside stimuli & Has short attention. 0 1 2 3 7. Easily gets frustrated when his/her needs are not met. 0 1 2 3 8. Cries often. 0 1 2 3 9. Has mood swings. 0 1 2 3 10. Is easily agitated & Behaves unpredictably. 0 1 2 3 Total *** Scores over 17 are associated with a probability of ADHD.           ☯ Korean medicine for children & adolescents stress     Korean medicine puts emphasis on a psychological cause for all kinds of disorders. Dunsan Korean medicine hospital offers several treatments that have been tested in clinical trials.   - Drug treatment –   Drug treatment is efficacious in not only treatment of disease but also improvement children’s immunity. It also gets rid of mental illnesses which frequently occur when the body is in a weakened condition.   - Acupuncture therapy -   Treatment several symptoms that come from children's mental illness by seeking rest for body and mind.   - Aroma therapy -   Therapy to relieve anxiety, tension, anger and terror that uses aroma oils that affect neuropsychological system. (Chamomile, Clary sage, Lavender)   - Counseling -   Counseling contains IQ test, personality test and characteristic test in case of necessity. Counseling helps people to understand each child’s temperament, problem, and current mental state and presents directions for improvement.      
Before and After Childbirth 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-09-03 , 조회수 : 4,369 ]
< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                        Diseases during pregnancy can be cured through Korean medicine.                        - When having a threatened abortion -   A threatened abortion means the condition in which pregnant woman is having a pain in the lower abdomen or uterine bleeding during pregnancy. In Korean medicine, threatened abortion is called Tae Dong or Tae Ru. Based on an abundant experience, AnTaeBub which is a method to prevent miscarriage and maintain pregnancy has been developed in Korean medicine.     - When having severe morning sickness -   Morning sickness is the early pregnancy stage symptom including loss of appetite, feeling like vomiting because of the smell and sight of food. Almost all expectant mothers are likely to experience morning sickness. However, if the symptom is so severe that you can't eat anything or persists even after middle phase of pregnancy, patient must get a treatment for mother and baby's health.   - When having a cold during pregnancy -   When expectant mothers catch a cold, they are unwilling to take the strong medication with doubt over harm of medication to their infant. Yet, we can employ proven safety Korean medicine according to clinical experience.   - Weakness and anemia during pregnancy -   Strengthening virility during pregnancy is also good for infant.   - For a safe delivery -   During pregnancy, even healthy women can be in poor health. Taking Korean medicine at the late stage of pregnancy and the period of delivery is highly helpful for making your labour easier and for healthy baby.                   - The first stage of postpartum care is the removing extravasated blood. -        ⋅Improving blood circulation      ⋅Relieving lower abdominal pain after delivery      ⋅Excretion of lochia   - The second step is recuperation. -        ⋅ Strengthenign energy      ⋅ Improvement of blood circulation      ⋅ Reducing swelling      ⋅ Building stronger bones and muscles      ⋅ Prevention & treatment of diseases that easily occur after giving birth such as anemia and puerperal perspiration   - The third stage is weight loss and beauty treatment. -        ⋅ Breaking down and absorption extra fats using energy source by activating metabolism      ⋅ Weight control by preventing extra fat accumulation      ⋅ Control of skin diseases like melasma   - Why postpartum care is needed? -   Puerperium (six to eight week after giving birth) is an important period because the body changed by pregnancy returns to its normal pre-pregnant state.   Treatments such as removing extravasated blood that is formed in the process of pregnancy and childbirth and boosting energy are essentially needed. Consequently, good postpartum care also affects lifetime health.     - Potential diseases caused by poor postpartum care -   Puerperal perspiration, Feeling of cold, Obesity, Irregular menstruation, Melasma, Backache, Neuralgia, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Anischuria, Menopausal disorder, Osteoporosis, Autonomic dysfunction.  
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