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Growth Disorder
2013-08-13 17:11:52

< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>
Growth Characteristics
1. Differentiation between male and female
Female grows quickly about two years than male, this is because female reach skeletal maturity faster than male. Boys grow up rapidly around ages 11~14 and girls grow ages 10~12.
2. Period of rapid growth
Normally, there are four periods of growth and two of them are the periods of rapid growth. First stage is from birth to age two where nutrition is the most important thing. Second stage is from adolescence to age 15~16. After two years of adolescence, growth ceases in both male and female because of closed growth plates. Thus, treatment of growth is particularly opportune at the time of school age that is before adolescence.
1. Inborn error
   a. osteodystrophy
   b. chromosome aberration (Down's syndrome or turner syndrome)
   c. IntraUterine Growth Retardation IUGR)
2. Secondary growth delay caused by chronic disease
   Innutrition led by anorexia, diarrhea
   digestive, cardiac, liver and bowel, lung, thyroid disease
3. Hormone Deficiency (Particularly Growth Hormone Deficiency)
4. Familial dwarfism
   Inherited factor that is genetically transmitted from parents to child influences offspring. In this case,
   one or both of parents are dwarfism.
5. Constitutional dwarfism
   Weight and height of newborn are normal at birth. After birth, baby doesn't grow well without reason.
   At that time, baby growth rate slows. Yet, after that, growth rate returns back to normal.
   (Puberty is delayed compared with other children.)
6. Psychosocial dwarfism
   Social isolation, child abuse, break up with parents, lack of affection
Diagnosing growth disorder
   1. Cortisol Binding Globulin (CBG), Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
   2. Thyroid test
   3. Chromosome examination
   4. Urine examination
   5. Radiologic examination : Bone age, Skull X-ray, CT, MRI (in the case of suspecting disorder of central nervous system)
   6. Growth Hormone Measurement
   7. Body composition test
Classification of weak children accompanied with growth disorder
1. Digestive system weakness
   . Anorexia
   . Monophagia (Eat only what one wants)
   . Vomit
   . Frequent stomachache (Especially, pain around navel)
   . Indigestion
   . Bad breath
2. Respiratory system weakness
   . Continual flu, fever, cough
   . Suffering from Bronchiolitis, bronchitis, throat pain, tonsillitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma in the past or present
3. Circulatory & neuropsychiatric weakness
   . Get frightened and scared easily
   . Sleeplessness caused by anxiety, nervousness
   . Very tense
4. Liver function & metabolism weakness
   . Easily get tired
   . Often feel dizzy
   . Have a nosebleed
   . Soft skin
   . Partially have a cramp
5. Urogenital & skeletal system weakness
   . Frequent urination, Feeling of residual urine
   . Bedwetting
   . Pain around arms or knee at night (Pain stops when getting a massage)
How to grow taller
- Nutrition -
1. Eat high-calorie food as much as possible and eat high-protein food based on quality of food not quantity of food
2. External blue colored fish which contains enough calories and protein and spinach, carrot, tangerine etc
   that contain lots of minerals and vitamins are protective foods to grow tall
3. Drink milk about 12 oz
- Exercise -
1. Exercises that help to grow taller : Jump rope, sprint, swimming, dance, gymnastics, volleyball,
                                                         tennis, basketball, ping-pong, badminton etc
2. Exercises that does not help to grow taller : weight training, wrestling, judo, marathon, rugby etc
3. Exercises that help to gain weight : Judo, rowing the boat, wrestling, weight training etc
- Tips for everyday life -
   1. Get plenty of rest and sleep
   2. Do not lift heavy things
   3. Avoid walking around or standing up for a long time
   4. Wash legs clean
   5. Exercise that can poise on toes and bend knee a little bit
   6. Do not wear stiff shoes
   7. Get leg and foot massage
Cause & herbal medicine of growth disorder based on Korean medicine
Growth is done by yang energy, especially Sinyang (a kind of yang energy). Korean medicine doctor says that growth disorder is led by innate function of Sin deficiency and acquired function of Bi deficiency. Therefore, internal secretion and nutrition play the major roles in growth.
Herbal medicines that are used in treatment of growth disorder are Swaeyang, GuGiJa, DuChang, SokDan, Ogapi, WooSeul, HasuO, GolSwaebo, EumYangKwok, Ginseng, YukJongYok, NokGak, NokYong etc.

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  < Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                                                 Stress & Dementia Test   < What is dementia? > Dementia is characterized as being caused by various reasons and declining in intelligence. Dementia leads to a disability of thinking, orientation, understanding, calculating, language, judgment etc. It is called “Disease of Century” since patient’s family also physically and mentally suffers. Dementia is classified into dementia of the Alzheimer’s type, vascular dementia and other dementia by the reason. The cause for most Alzheimer's cases is mostly unknown and it gradually progresses. Some cases, however, cause because of the low brain activity. Vascular dementia is caused by death of brain tissue due to cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage. So brain function also decreases. There are numerous reasons of dementia, but Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia are the major types of dementia. You are able to test and treat the dementia by examination at Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital.      Dementia test A Dementia test B Test items Meridian system function test, stage of dementia test, dementia survey, blood and urine chemistry test, ECG, bone density, Brain CT Cost of test 220,000 KRW 300,000 KRW       < What is stress? > Stress is an avoidable stimulation to human being. Good stress helps to overcome difficulty, motivate to success, inspire self-confidence and boost energy. On the other hand, bad stress has a bad influence on the body and relationship, so causes a decrease in social adapt ability, diseases, and even suicidal impulse. We, Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital, detect an exact reason for stress, and treat the mental symptoms.     Stress test A Stress test B Test items Meridian system function test, stress examination, personality test, clinical laboratory tests. Cost of test 70,000 KRW 70,000 KRW                 Early detection of Stroke   10 million patients with stroke are generated worldwide every year, and six million patients among them pass away. Moreover, most stroke patients have a disorder. The risk factors of stroke patients are high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, smoking, heart disease, diabetes and so on. To prevent stroke, it is important to be aware of and cure those risk factors. We, Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital, offers stroke risk factors test and consults to prevent stroke.    Test items Brain CT, TCD, general blood test, urine test, chest X-ray, ECG, obesity test, body composition test, sympathovagal balance test, hardening of the arteries test, periphery blood circulation test, SaSang constitution test, stroke test Cost of test 340,000 KRW   Self test for stroke If you have any of these symptoms, you need a proper treatment. 1. Dull the senses on the arm, leg 2. Have a pronunciation problem/ Hard to understand what other people say. 3. Suddenly have a disorder or vision on an eye or both eyes/ see double. 4. Suddenly hard to walk & to balance. 5. Dizziness all of a sudden. 6. Severe headache without certain reason.  
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< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                                                Changes in growth reflect child’s body condition not only physically but also mentally and socially. If parents periodically check child’s growth and prepare in advance, child can grow to be physically, mentally and socially healthy.     < Growth test >     Growth test A Growth test B Growth test C Growth test D Test items Growth plate X-ray test Growth plate X-ray test Growth plate X-ray test Growth plate X-ray test Height predictor Height predictor Height predictor Height predictor Body composition test Body composition test Body composition test Body composition test Thyroid hormone test Thyroid hormone test     Body type test/ spine X-ray Body type test/ spine X-ray Stress test Stress test Blood test Blood test Liver function test Liver function test Urine test Urine test Chest X-ray Chest X-ray Growth factor & sex hormone test   Cost of test 250,000 KRW 150,000 KRW 40,000 KRW 35,000 KRW               Woman’s body is much more complex and delicate than man’s body. Therefore, it is important to check the body condition, prevent disease and get an early treatment. Cold hands and feet is the common disorder among women, yet it causes Raynaud syndrome, Menstrual problems, infertility and so on if left untreated. Imbalance of body temperature is the reason of cold hands and feet, so patients need to find the exact reason through examination and make body balance. Recently, the number of patients with infertility because of bad eating habits, environmental pollution, stress etc has greatly increased. Woman who is before marriage or is planning pregnancy can check her body condition through infertility test. Also, woman who miscarried baby for several times or who is planning pregnancy by assisted reproductive technology (ART), can have a ideal condition for having a baby through Korean and western medical treatment. As an average life is extended, it’s essential to care the body after menopause to live a healthy life in old age. Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital check the body condition -through menopause test and woman’s aging test- cure the menopause symptoms and prevent aging.       Infertility test Menopause test Woman’s aging Test Cold hands & feet test Symptoms Infertility without reason/ menstrual disorder/ ovulatory disorder/ habitual abortion Heat sensation after menopause/ pain all over the body/ anxiety/ not having good sleep/ urinary incontinence/ loss of sex desire/ osteoporosis/ premature menopause Reduced stamina after menopause/ failure of memory/ dizziness/ headache/ numbness Cold hands & feet/ cold lower abdomen/ menstrual pain/ menstrual irregularity Test items Meridian system, body type, body composition, blood test, body heat Meridian system, body heat, blood test, bone density Meridian system, body heat, CBF, bone density Meridian system, body heat Cost of test 150,000 KRW 120,000 KRW 160,000 KRW 50,000 KRW    
Student health clinic 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-12-17 , 조회수 : 6,367 ]
< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                     If your child…           Is fatigued in the mornings,           Does not want to go to the school             And has difficulty in concentrating.   Your child desperately needs helping hands.  Do not look away SOS from your child and get and appropriate Korean medical treatment, child will be back in shape and improve learning ability. Physical symptoms that patients complain are headaches, dizziness, loss of appetite, indigestion, sleeping difficulty, and unpleasant feeling when wake up. Plus, because of stress for friendship, child may have a difficulty in adapting his/her school life.   There are four requirements for the successful school life;    Physical health    Concentration (for focusing studying)    Social ability (for good relations with friends and teachers)    Emotional stability (for no depression and anxiety and for ability to overcome stress)    Lack of any of these can cause the difficulty of school life.         ☯ New semester syndrome   Since child adjusts to the new surroundings at new term or new school year, stress persists and various disorders occur simultaneously. Leaving child like this may cause decrease in brain activity, in concentration and memory. Also, interest, desire and efficiency for studying can be decreased. Consequently, it causes poor result.   - How to overcome new semester syndrome   · Make a regular lifestyle   Before one to two weeks of opening a semester, try to live a well-regulated life to correct lazy lifestyle during a vacation.   · Positive encouragement & compliment   Important to instill positive cognition about school (ex. “Teacher is a good person.”, “School is an interesting place)   · Make a body healthy and strong   The healthy and strong child is well-adjusted to the school. Therefore, if a child has a disorder, get advance treatment   during a vacation.         ☯ Test-taker syndrome   Students may suffer from low immunity, anxiety, tension due to the frequent competition with tests or parents’ expectation. In this case, symptoms can occur on the weak spot of the body. (If student has weak digestion organs, he/she may suffer from stomachache, indigestion etc. ) Each student needs personalized health care.     - Test taker self-test   Question Never Sometimes Often Usually 1. Cannot focus, decrease in memory 0 1 2 3 2. Always get tired, have no energy 0 1 2 3 3. Easily get annoyed 0 1 2 3 4. have a heavy feeling in the head 0 1 2 3 5. Have no appetite, indigestion 0 1 2 3 6. Have gas in stomach, diarrhea or constipation 0 1 2 3 7. Get pimple on the face 0 1 2 3 8. Neck and shoulder are stiff 0 1 2 3 9. Irregular period, severe cramps 0 1 2 3 10. Difficulty in having sound sleep 0 1 2 3 11. Eyes get tired easily 0 1 2 3 * If a total score is over 15, you need a proper treatment.         ☯ Allergic diseases in childhood and adolescent   Allergy occurs because of various reasons such as inheritance, eating habit, lifestyle, season and stress. Especially, if allergic symptom first appears in adolescence or symptom is getting worse, stress may be the main reason. All of children with symptoms , for instance running nose, nasal congestion, itching skin, inflamed and itching eye,  need to be received an active therapy.         ☯ Korean medical treatment   - Korean medical medicines –   “ChongMyeongTang” recorded on 『Donguibogam』 (Korean medical encyclopedia) as medicine for treating forgetfulness helps to improve brain activity and memory. “ChongMyeongTang” gets rid of physical and mental stress, sets mind at rest and treats hyperactivity.   - Acupuncture therapy –   Apply acupuncture to keep the balance and improve the energy and blood flow. Also, neck pain and back pain caused by long term of sitting could be cured by acupuncture therapy.   - Counseling therapy –   Understand child’s state of mind through psychological test. Figure out what the causes of stresses are and resolve the problem.         ☯ Herbal medicine that is easy to take   - GongJinDan, called ‘emperor’s restorative’ –      · Strengthen concentration by improving energy of brain and heart.    · Main ingredients: musk, deer antlers    · Effect: fatigue recovery, improve immunity    · Easy to take   - KyeongOkGo, only ancient royal and noble man could take –      · Main ingredients: ginseng, poria cocos, foxglove, honey    · Effect: strengthen the stomach function and immunity. Improve energy and blood circulation.    · Sweet honey in KyeongOkGo, so infant also can take.   - MokHyangGonJinDan, less expensive version of GonJinDan-      · Use elecampane that is inexpensive than musk.    · Effect: relieve stress, strengthen physical ability, overcome stress, and improve memory    
Antiangiogenic immunotherapy 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-12-16 , 조회수 : 7,141 ]
  < Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                                 ☯ What is “Antiangiogenic immunotherapy”?   Antiangiogenic immunotherapy suppresses the angiogenesis of cancer cell which is essential for cancer cell growth, and cancer cell recurrent metastasis. At the same time, it is a Korean medical complex anti-cancer therapy to increase immunity, suppress cancer growth and prevent cancer recurrence and metastasis.         ☯ Cancer recurrent metastasis & angiogenesis   Angiogenesis of cancer is crucial of cancer growth, recurrence and metastasis. Once cancer makes blood vessel, it grows quickly about 16,000 times faster than before. Therefore, suppression the angiogenesis is very relevant with cancer growth and metastasis.         ☯ Cancer recurrent metastasis & Decrease in immune function   Immunity is relevant with cancer recurrence and metastasis. Especially, functions of macrophagocyte, natural killer cell, T lymphocyte and dendritic cell are deeply important. Thus, increase in immune function helps to remove or suppress the hidden cancer cell after surgery and prevent cancer recurrence and metastasis. In addition, it helps patients receive anti-cancer or radiation therapy at the end and reduce side effects of anti-cancer treatment.                                         ☯ Effectiveness of HangAm Plus   Basilar membrane of blood vessel is the first step to pass through when cancer cell metastasizes. HangAm Plus suppresses this, blocks the angiogenesis, which is the nourishment supply route for cancer cell growth. As a result, HangAm Plus helps to suppress the cancer recurrence and metastasis.       ☯ Effectiveness of MyeonYeokPlus   MyeonYeokPlus activates natural killer cell, macrophagocyte, T lymphocyte and dendritic cell, which are in charge of immune function. Also, it decreases side effects of anti-cancer drugs and improves the anti-cancer effect.       ☯ Medicines used in antiangiogenic immunotherapy   Medicines Main functions Basic effects General effects HangAmPlus Suppresion the angiogenesis Increase in immune function Suppression the anti-cancer and angiogenesis MyeonYeokPlus Improvement of immunity         ☯ Indications and Goals   Indications Goals Treatment period & Tests If anti-cancer or radiation therapy is unnecessary thanks to surgery. Suppression the recurrent metastasis ° Treatment period:  Basically one to three years ° Tests:  once / one to three months If patients are in the anti-cancer or radiation therapy. Decrease in side effects Improvement immunity Increase in anti-cancer effect If anti-cancer or radiation therapy is impossible. Improvement the Quality of life Extension of life         ☯ Clinical research of antiangiogenic immunotherapy   We, East West Cancer Center, meet with good results by testing 320 cancer patients who were taking MyeonYeokPlus.      ° Suppresion cancer recurrence and metastasis.    ° Improvement of immune cell. (macrophagocyte, natural killer cell, interferon-gamma, Interleukin-12)    ° Weigh increase    ° Improvement of appetite and generalized weakness    ° Improvement of decrease in platelet, white blood cell, red blood cell during anti-cancer or radiation therapy.    ° Non toxic for the liver and bowels or kidney despite the long term use.    ° Improvement of quality of life.    ° Extension of life when western medical cancer treatment is impossible.    ° Effectively maintain or decrease the tumor marker.         ☯ How to strengthen immune system      1. Get less angry & more express the feelings.    2. Try to overcome disease.    3. Ask questions and obtain information about disease.    4. Consult with doctor and solve doubtful point.    5. Do light exercises like hiking and walking.    6. Eating natural foods and well balanced foods.    7. Eat enough brown rice, bean, vegetable and fruit.    8. Get enough and sound sleep.    9. Enjoy hobbies and do volunteer work.    10. Trust doctor and family. Be thankful.  
Cancer Dormancy Therapy 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-12-13 , 조회수 : 7,598 ]
< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                                           ☯ What is Cancer Dormancy Therapy?   Cancer Dormancy Therapy is a method that prolongs the cancer dormancy, so suppressed the recurrent metastasis. In other words, it is Korean medical cancer treatment to make chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes cannot worsen and maintain dormancy.         ☯ Cancer treatment and recurrent metastasis   Generally, it’s the norm that getting surgery and anti-cancer or radiation therapy when patient detects cancer, usually below operable tertiary solid cancer. After that, if cancer does not appear through CT or PET-CT etc, patient gets regular tracking observation. In this case, cancer cell is so small that it become invisible through imaging test and over time, it grows, spreads and recurs. Therefore, it is quiet important not to grow remaining cancer cell after treatment.         ☯ Goal of Cancer Dormancy Therapy       Cancer Dormancy Therapy puts goal in suppression the cancer cell to grow and metastasize as shown above. If cancer continues to reproduce and to be a certain size, patient dies. By paraphrasing, if cancer can be suppressed to grow, patient will not die. This is contrary to cancer removal or cancer reduction. That is, making cancer sleep is the basic goal of Cancer Dormancy Therapy.         ☯ Methods of Cancer Dormancy Therapy   Cancer Dormancy Therapy practiced at East West Cancer Center of Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital can be roughly categorized into three types.   1. Suppression cancer angiogenesis   Basically, for cancer to grow, it is essential to be given nutrition just like other parts of the body. Cancer make blood vessel by itself to receive nourishment from the body. Therefore, if new cancer angiogenesis can be suppressed, cancer is hard to grow anymore. HangAm Plus is a Korean herbal medicine developed by East West Cancer Center of Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital, and it is already shown that it is effective for suppression of cancer angiogenesis.   2. Improvement immunity   Immunity has a significant effect on the cancer growth. If the immunity is strong, cancer cannot grow. Patients, who have low level of immunity due to anti-cancer or radiation therapy, often suffer from cancer recurrent metastasis. At East West Cancer Center of Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital, we apply several therapies such as acupuncture, herbal acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicine to increase patients’ immune function.   3. Directive cancer treatment   In cancer treatment, it is important not only to improve the body’s condition but also to suppress the propagation of cancer cells. At Ease West Cancer Center, the goal is a directive cancer treatment using multipath targeted therapy for cancer medicines. The representative medicines are “CheonRyongChungChoJung” (for lung cancer), “BackJilChungGanJung” (for liver cancer), “NoBongGiBiJung” (for cancer of the stomach). There are also anti cancer herbal acupunctures No.1, 2, 3.         ☯ Effects of Cancer Dormancy Therapy   Treatment comparisons of VEGF, BFGF of cancer patients at East West Cancer Center have found that Cancer Dormancy Therapy is effective for decrease in figure. (Journal of Korean Oriental Internal Medicine in 2005)   Effectiveness of Cancer Dormancy Therapy is as follows;    ° Prevention of cancer recurrent metastasis    ° Suppression the cancer having a tolerance to anti-cancer drugs to grow    ° Increase in anticancer efficacy with anti-cancer and radiation therapy    ° Suppression the cancer to develop through Korean anti-cancer treatment (If patient cannot receive the anti-cancer      and radiation therapy because of low level of physical strength.)    ° Extend cancer patients’ living period    
Korean· Western Plus Cancer Treatment 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-12-12 , 조회수 : 7,185 ]
  < Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                                     ☯ What is Korean· Western Plus Cancer Treatment?   Korean• Western Plus Cancer Treatment = Combined treatment of Korean· Western medicine A large number of patients with cancer get anti-cancer chemotherapy and radiation therapy after getting diagnosed with cancer. In the process, patients suffer from many side effects, decrease in immunity and even discontinue the treatment. Moreover, because of this, cancer may progress rapidly.         ☯ Goal of Plus Cancer Treatment   Korean· Western Plus Cancer Treatment is a complementary Korean medical treatment. That is, it reduces side effects of western medical anti-cancer treatment and improves immunity. Consequently, it increases anti-cancer treatment effects and suppressed recurrent metastasis.         ☯ Advantages of Korean· Western Plus Cancer Treatment   In western medicine, anti-cancer therapy is focused on killing cancer cell, but the thing is the side effect. Mild side effect may disappear as time passed, however, severe one could remain as a serious problem.   Types of side effects Symptoms Digestive organ side effect Nausea, vomit, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, stomachache Marrow function suppression Fever or anemia due to decrease in white blood cell, red blood cell and platelet Decrease in immunity Discontinuance in anti-cancer therapy, recurrent metastasis Etc. Hair loss               The most serious problem is decrease in immune function. Since decrease in immune function can cause spreading cancer more quickly.   To resolve this problem and to increase the anti-cancer treatment effects, it’s effective for getting western medical treatment and Korean medical treatment at the same time.      ° Help patient get radiation therapy and chemotherapy to the end    ° Reduce all kinds of side effects        - reduce the side effects on digestive organs (vomit, diarrhea)        - recover the marrow function        - increase the immunity and keep physical strength        - reduce side effects of anti-cancer drugs and radiation therapy   ° Increase immune function   ° Increase the treatment effect of radiation therapy and chemotherapy   ° Effective for suppression the recurrent metastasis         ☯ Korean· Western Plus Cancer Treatment Medicine   Korean medical drugs used at East West Cancer Center of Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital, clinically tested, are the safest medicine. It places major emphasis on activating immune function and reducing side effects caused by anti-cancer drugs.         ☯ Clinical research of Korean· Western Plus Cancer Treatment   Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital studied 208 patients who got anti-cancer immunity syrup treatment for over 3 months at East West Cancer Center from September. 3. 1997 to June. 30. 1998.      ° Decrease on anti-cancer side effects    ° Recovery of the marrow function    ° Improvement of immunity function    ° Decrease in tumor marker    ° Increase in life rate   Plus Cancer Treatment is a Korean medicine cancer treatment that reduces side effects of anti-cancer drugs, radiation therapy and improves immunity during the period of anti-cancer treatment.  
Wheel Balance Therapy 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-12-12 , 조회수 : 6,044 ]
< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                                          ☯ What is ‘Wheel Balance Therapy’?   Wheel Balance Therapy is a treatment method that maximizes the self-healing power through Korean medical treatment and complementary and alternative therapy that can activate function of metabolism in the body.         ☯ Goal of Wheel Balance Therapy   Wheel Balance Therapy maximizes the patients’ self-healing power through Anti-cancer diet therapy, psycho and breathing therapy, Korean herbal medicine therapy and metabolic activation therapy. The goal is decrease of side effects, increase the anti-cancer effects and improvement the quality of life by providing Korean medical treatment only or both Korean and western medical treatment.         ☯ Main contents of Wheel Balance Therapy           - Anti-cancer diet therapy -   Anti-cancer menu including a number of grains, vegetables and fruits is served. We organize constitutional menu depending on patients’ condition. It helps to increase metabolism, excrete waste matter from the body, provide plenty of nourishment, and consequently, improve patients’ constitution so cancer cannot grow anymore.    - Psycho and breathing therapy –   Psycho and breathing therapy is a nonpharmacological immunotherapy (hiking, aerobic exercise, meditation and counseling treatment). It activates cellular metabolism and makes body condition that is favorable to normal tissue and unfavorable to cancer cell.   - Korean herbal medicine therapy –   Korean herbal medicine is the essential part of Wheel Balance Therapy. We provide a large number of Korean herbal medicine and antiangiogenic immunotherapy based on patients’ physical condition.   - Metabolic activation therapy -   Metabolic activation therapy uses a host of therapies like acupuncture, moxibustion, enema, fumigation, herbal acupuncture and so on. It helps patients stimulate elimination of toxin, improve the quality of life and increase remedial value.         ☯ Who needs Wheel Balance Therapy?   1. When patient wants to prevent recurrent metastasis of cancer after radiation therapy. 2. When patient under anti-cancer or radiation treatment suffers from severe side-effects or a decrease the immunity. 3. When patient discontinues western medical anti-cancer or meditation therapy or needs to receive complementary     therapies for suppression the tumor growth and recurrent metastasis. 4. When elderly patient or physically weak patient needs to get Korean medical anti-cancer treatment only.         ☯ Treatment method   1. Receiving hospital treatment for 15-30 days is the norm. 2. Patient gets therapy directly from a medical professional such as anti-cancer diet therapy,     psycho and breathing therapy, Korean herbal medicine therapy, and metabolic activation therapy depending     on the patient’s condition.         ☯ Managerial strategy   1. Patient is required to receive outpatient treatment after being discharge from the hospital. 2. During the outpatient treatment period, patient should take medicine for improvement the immunity and suppression of     angiogenesis for 1 to 3 years and be monitored the progress. 3. We carry out some tests such as CT, X-Ray, cancer marker test, immunological test, and antiangiogenic test     (blood test) averagely once three months.  
Multipath Targeted Therapy for Cancer 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-12-10 , 조회수 : 4,285 ]
  < Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                                                                               ☯ What is targeted therapy?   Recently, anti-cancer drugs have become targeted therapy. Targeted therapy falls into two primary types, which are oral anti-cancer medicine and injections.   1. Oral anti-cancer medicine     - Chemical substances that block off signal transmission process that is activated in the cancer cell     - Chronic myelogenous leukemia, Leukemia, Gastrointestinal base tumor: Gleevec (imatinib)     - Lung cancer: Iressa(gefitinib), Tarceva(erlotinib)     - Breast cancer: Tykerb(lapatinib)   2. Injections     - Antibody protein that combines with target on the surface of the cancer cell     - Colorectal cancer: Erbitux(cetuximab)     - Breast cancer: Herceptin(Trastuzumab)   Target is used for cancer treatment. Target is also in vascular endothelial cell around cancer or in blood. Avastin (bevacizumab) blocks off the endothelial growth factors in blood and disturbs the angiogenesis, so treats the cancer. In addition, we are all working on developing apoptosis inducing agent that induces cancer cell death and cell cycle inhibitor that cuts off cell division cycle. Also, new multipath targeted therapy for cancer that blocks off the various routes has been developed. For instance, Nexavar(sorafenib) blocks the primary routes for cancer and suppresses the angiogenesis.           ☯ What is ‘Korean Medical multipath targeted therapy for cancer’?   Most Korean medicine anti-cancer drugs fall under   - HangAmPlus     : Main components are Cordyceps militaris and panax notoginseng.     : Suppression the metastasis and recurrence of cancer by blocking off the fibroblast growth factor (FGF)     : Induction of cell death     : Suppression of lung cancer and solid cancer   - MyeonYeokPlus     : Main components are Hericium erinaceum and milk vetch root.     : Suppression of tumor growth by activating dendritic cell, macrophagocyte and natural killer cell.   - Bee-venom acupuncture for removing allergen     : Anti-cancer herbal acupuncture     : Suppression of malignant melanoma, lung cancer, breast cancer etc by inducing cell death.   - HwaChanSu     : Cell division cycle inhibitor that shut off the division cycle of pancreatic cancer, liver cancer and so on.     : Joint research between MD Anderson in USA and Fudan University in China.     : Anti-cancer injections from toad skin.   Multipath targeted therapy for cancer is injected into the body through a number of path and works as multipath targeted anti cancer medicine.         ☯ Advantages of Korean Medical multipath targeted therapy for cancer    Minimization of side effect & potent anticancer efficacy   - HangAmPlus     : Similar level of survival rate compared to the existing anticancer drugs about non-small-cell lung cancer   - HwaChanSu     : Survival rate of pancreatic cancer and liver cancer if patients take HwaChanSu in conjunction with       other anti cancer medicines.   On the contrast, results on toxicity response show that there is only a slight side effect. Therefore, Korean medical multipath anti-cancer therapy is expected to be widely used.   East West Cancer Center at Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital offer various therapies that attack the cancer directly, improve immunity, extend living period and improve the quality of life.         ☯ ‘Korean Medical multipath targeted therapy for cancer’ Program   ° Target     1. Patients who were diagnosed with stage-four cancer (all kinds of cancer)     2. In the case of cancer development even though patients get the normal medical treatment.   ° Goal     1. Suppression of tumor development and metastasis     2. Improvement of the Quality of life and extension of living period.     3. Improvement of weakened microenvironment because of process of tumor treatment   ° Treatment period     1. Intensive care: One month in the hospital, overall Korean medical treatments for cancer.     2. Outpatient treatment: Patients are on medication after a discharge from a hospital, examination on         tumor growth and body condition.   ° Treatment area     1. Suppression of cancer growth and metastasis (cancer; growth control/ body; improvement of immune system/         Korean medical anticancer drugs of various kinds)     2. Improvement of symptoms: Korean medical treatment for symptoms that occur during the tumor treatment process.     3. Improvement of body condition: Suppression of cancer growth and metastasis through immune recovery of                                                          weakened body.         ☯ Herbalacupuncture into spots on the body suitable for acupuncture   ° Anti cancer herbal acupuncture No.1: gall bladder of a bear, ox bezoar, musk herbalacupunctrue   ° Anti cancer herbal acupuncture No.2: bee-venom acupuncture for removing allergen ° Anti cancer herbal acupuncture No.3: dried centipede herbalacupuncture ° Anti cancer herbal acupuncture No.4: goat wild ginseng herbalacupuncture         ☯ Oral herbalacupuncture of targeted therapy   ° HangAmPlus: Metastatic relapse through angiogenesis suppression and genesistasis of solid cancer ° MyeonYeokPlus: Decrease of side effects during the anticancer and radiation therapy and tumor immunity activation ° BackJilChungGanJung: Treatment on liver cancer, bile duct cancer and pancreatic cancer ° NoBongGiBiJung: Treatment on cancer of the stomach and cancer of the esophagus ° ChungRyongChungChoJung: Treatment on lung cancer, brain tumor and mediastinum tumor. ° BackDuJangKwaeJung: Directive therapy on calorectal cancer ° GunChilGyeBokJung: Directive therapy on uterine cervical cancer, endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer ° PoGongJaGeumJung: Directive therapy on breast cancer and skin cancer  
Leukocytopenia and anemia 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-12-05 , 조회수 : 5,860 ]
< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                                                  ☯ What is leukocytopenia?   White blood cell is the most important blood cell that protects the body against the external enemies like germs and virus and internal enemy like cancer. Mostly, leukocytopenia occurs because of anticancer treatments, radiation therapy or a severe nutrient deficiency. Particularly, leukocytopenia led by western medical anticancer treatments can cause the treatment discontinuance, longer treatment, slowing down the immune and a decrease in treatment efficacy.         ☯What is an anemia?   Anemia means a decrease in hemoglobin volume in the blood. Anemia causes various symptoms because the quantity of oxygen to organs and tissue decreased. The reasons of anemia are the damage of bone marrow (leukemia, aplastic anemia), decreasing ability of red blood cell (gastrotomy, intestine inflammation). Also, menses, pregnancy, breast-feeding, period of growth, chronic gastric ulcer, hemorrhoids are the other causes of anemia.         ☯ Korean medicine for leukocytopenia and anemia   Herbal medicine improving hematogenous functions helps to improve the marrow function, treat the reason leading anemia and activate the internal organs and the body functions.   ° JeongHyeolDongWon Jung 精 (energy that a person was born with) and blood can transform each other. Jung 精 made from the kidney changes into blood.   ° JungChoSuGi, ChwiJeupByeonHwaYiJuck, SiWiHyeol Blood is created from foods, so stomach is the root of hematopoiesis.   ° GanJangHyeol Liver controls the blood volume and gets rid of extravasated blood through blood storage.         ☯ SaengHyeolDan   SaenHyeolDan is a medicine developed by East West Cancer Center of Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University for leukocytopenia and anemia. It is made of placenta for kidney, ginseng for stomach, radix paeonia rubra for improving blood flow. SaengHyeolDan’s effects that increase the white blood cell production and improve of anemia through increasing hematogenous functions were tested in experimental observation and clinical trials. Also it has been tested its effectiveness by the magazine that has international authority.         ☯ Precautions for patients with leukocytopenia and anemia      1. Do not overwork.    2. Maintain a well-balanced diet.    3. Eat enough protein.    4. Eat foods that are rich in iron.    5. Eat enough vegetables and fruits that contain Vitamin C at each meal.    6. Try not to drink tea, coffee or soft drink while you eat.    7. Continuously exercise in moderation.    
Atopic dermatitis 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-12-04 , 조회수 : 6,118 ]
  < Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                       ☯ What is “atopic”?   Atopic dermatitis called infantile eczema and allergic eczema is the most common allergic symptom among infants. Because the symptoms aggravate and improve repeatedly by the complex reasons like the season and temperature, atopic dermatitis is well-known as a refractory disease in a short period of time. Also, atopic dermatitis is accompanied with dermatitis, asthma, allergic rhinitis, allergic eye inflammation and other symptoms on skin and eyes.         ☯Symptoms of atopic dermatitis   Atopic dermatitis is classified into three stages; early childhood, childhood and adulthood.   - Early childhood (2 months~2 years) – In the early stage, atopic dermatitis appears on the forehead, cheeks and scalp, or even all over the body. In the late babyhood, symptoms usually occur on back of the knees and ear lobe and the itch are not that severe.    - Childhood (2years~10years) - In this age, symptom on the face is better. On the contrast, dermatitis on the back of the knee and the front elbow are getting worse. The major symptom is dryness and it is worse in the winter season. Lips are dry and cracked or the upper or lower part of earflap is torn. Moreover, the subacute symptom is accompanied by white dry patch on the skin or on the hip where the part of toilet seat. The disease is a dry so patients are not sleep because of itch. The skin could be rough and hard if patients keep scratching.   - Adulthood – The main symptoms are itching, rash on the face, hands, neck and parts of the body where are touching.         ☯Cause of atopic dermatitis   The causes of atopic dermatitis have not been medically verified yet. The symptoms of atopic dermatitis also have been elusive. More than 50 percent of atopic dermatitis are caused by a genetic predisposition and accompanied by an immunologic abnormality. The surrounding environmental substances are the allergen that causes and aggravates an atopic dermatitis, for instance, dry skin, skin inflammation caused by germs and virus, sweating and fever, psychological tension, stimulation by allergic matters and so on. Korean medicine doctors say atopic dermatitis occurs after one to three months of birth. In addition, obese child are more likely to develop an atopic dermatitis. It spreads whole skin from both cheeks. The cause of acute atopic dermatitis is mostly moist and heat and the reason of chronic atopic dermatitis is lack of blood.         ☯ Precautions in daily life   1.  Since dust mites, mold and animal hair could irritate the skin, therefore, patients should keep     the rooms and surroundings clean and remove the stimulant. 2. Control the temperature and the humidity. The most adequate temperature for indoor activity is     68℉ (20℃) and 50 to 60 percent of humidity. 3. Taking a bath in water whose temperature ranges between 95℉ (35℃) to 96.8℉ (36℃) helps patients.     After bathing, rub aroma oil over the body before being dry. 4. Baby with suspected atopy had better eat a baby food after six months of birth. 5. If skin is contaminated, it is itchy a lot. So patient needs to take a shower with a soft towel and bath soap continuously. 6. In the severe case, try to avoid a severe exposure to ultraviolet light. Carry a parasol or wear a hat when going outside. 7. Do not do sea bathing and be cautious at swimming pool.         ☯ Good food for atopic dermatitis   Job's tears, millet, brown rice, burdock, cucumber, water parsley, seaweed, laver, sweet potato, potato, chestnut, shiitake mushroom, jujube, grape, bean, bean paste, green tea, mineral water, purified water, raw vegetables, fruit juice, white fish, shellfish etc.         ☯Bad food for atopic dermatitis   Instant foods (candy, sweets, ice cream, chocolate, hamburger, pizza, ramen), spicy and salty foods, pork, chicken, external blue colored fish (mackerel), squid, shrimp, flour-based foods, soft drink, margarine, mayonnaise, butter, cheese, coffee, cocoa, milk and dairy goods, egg, vegetable oil etc.         ☯ Treatment for atopic dermatitis   Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital offers medical treatment for treating atopic dermatitis.   -Herbal medicine- Herbal medicine helps not only to treat the symptoms but also to prevent infection and allergic diseases like flu and rhinitis by improving immunity.   -Aroma therapy- Aroma therapy works in activating of immune cells to fight against sick cells by using aroma oil such as clary sage, tea-tree, fennel, thyme, chamomile, lavender. It also keeps moisture from evaporating, keeps the surface of the skin moist and maintains moisturizing effect.    ° Aroma oil: Use aroma oil on dry spots and do not use on the face.    ° Aroma cream: Use aroma cream on the inflammation and dry parts of the body.    ° Ointment: Use ointment if there is the infection symptom.   -Bath therapy- It’s more effective to bath in the herbal medicine-infused water.    
Functional Gastrointestinal Disturbance 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-11-29 , 조회수 : 5,383 ]
< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                            ☯ What is Functional Gastrointestinal Disturbance?   Even though remarkable specific disorder is not detected in stomach through the stomach examination, patients may feel continuous displeasure or pain in the stomach or abdomen. In this case, gastroenteric trouble is suspected.          ☯ Types   Functional gastrointestinal disturbance is divided into two parts which are Functional upper GI disorder (Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia) and Functional lower GI disorder (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).         ☯ Symptom   1. Functional upper GI disorder (Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia)   Indigestion is the general term for digestive problems symptoms after food intake. It could be accompanied by several digestive symptoms such as heartburn, burp, nausea, displeasure of upper belly, sense of distention in stomach, flatulence, and stomachache.   2. Functional lower GI disorder (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)   The most significant symptom of the irritable bowel syndrome is the dyschezia classified under three heads; diarrhea type, constipation type and mixture of diarrhea and constipation. Moreover, patients may suffer from mucus stool, stomachache, sensation of abdominal inflation, sensation of abdominal inflation, headache, menstrual irregularity, anxiety, nervousness, depression and so on.         ☯ Cause    The causes of the functional gastrointestinal diseases are various.      - Overeat      - Smoking      - Strong-tasting foods      - Gastric hypersecretion      - Spoiled food intake      - Several kinds of medicine      - Irregular lifestyle      - Everyday life stress      - Unknown of origin         ☯ Prevention     1. Avoid an excessive stress.   2. Do not smoke and drink alcohol.   3. Develop a good eating habit.        - Eat regularly and do not skip the meal        - Avoid strong-tasting foods (black pepper, chili pepper, coffee, black tea)        - Avoid rough foods, hard foods and fatty foods        - Do not eat before 3 hours of bedtime        - Do not overeat        - Avoid heavy foods        - Try to eat more balanced meals         ☯Korean medical treatment   Korean medical treatment for functional gastrointestinal disturbance is effective.    1. Herbal medicine therapy Gastrointestinal tract is vulnerable in a humid condition, so if gastrointestinal tract is humid for a long period, sputum which is an abnormal substance occurs. Sputum disrupts the gastrointestinal function and causes the symptoms. In this case, we put efforts to get rid of humidity and sputum. If a patient has a low energy, we prescribe medicine for increasing energy. We try to set a patient with a neurological symptom at ease and increase the liver function. If a patient suffers from an acidosis, medicine for deacidification is prescribed.   2. Acupuncture & Moxibustion & Cupping therapy We stimulate spots on the body suitable for acupuncture related to digestive organs by applying acupuncture and moxibustion. It helps to improve energy and blood flow, and functions of gastrointestinal tract. Also, through cupping therapy, patients get rid of an excessive stress and fatigue and improve metabolic activity.   3. Miso pack therapy (soybean paste pack therapy) Miso pack therapy helps to remove excess heat, improve bowel movement, breathe and urinate. Therefore, it is effective for chronic constipation, seroperitoneum, abdominal distention, digestive organs, evacuation disorders and detox of inner intestine.  
Chronic cough & Asthma 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-11-26 , 조회수 : 5,151 ]
  < Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                                           ☯ What is asthma?   Asthma causes symptoms with puffiness when breathing, coughing and stridor that the sound of wheezing. Patients with asthma may suffer from chronic cough, feeling of pressure on chest or difficulty in breathing without a special reason.         ☯ The necessity of treatment   Patients with asthma tend to not getting a proper treatment since asthma symptoms have many ups and downs. Thus, many patients suffer from after effects because they did not get a proper treatment in a timely fashion. In severe cases, patients could be in a critical condition. Therefore, patients are required to get aggressive care.         ☯ Main causes      ° Cause of disease (atopy, gender)    ° Induction substances (antigen like dust mites, medication, food additive)    ° Participation factor (passive smoking, infection of respiratory organ, air pollution, low birth-weight infant)    ° Trigger factor (antigen, air pollution, infection of respiratory organ, exercise and hyperpnea, food additive, mood swing)         ☯ Symptoms      - Stridor –      Since an airway becomes narrow, patients wheeze when breathing.      - Cough & phlegm –      Because of irritation on bronchial tubes and increased secretion, patients cough and phlegm is easy      to be stuck in the throat.      - Difficulty of breathing –      Out breathing is harder than inspiration. When the symptom is worse, patients also have difficulty in breathing out.         ☯ Prevention & treatment   If a person who has a genetic predisposition to asthma wants not to get an asthma, it’s important to avoid induction substance and participant factor. Patients need to take care of their health and build up resistance to disease through strengthening physical strength.      1. Mind that do not catch a cold and choose an appropriate exercise and continuously improve the physical ability.    2. Try to avoid cause substance and stimulant if it’s possible.    3. Do not expose yourself to cold air for a long time.    4. Try to avoid excessive stress or fatigue.    5. Quit smoking is a must.    6. Keep regular hours, take an enough rest, take more organic foods and try not to eat processed foods.    7. Be positive.   Treatment methods are medicine treatment, strengthening physical strength method, milieu therapy, immunity method and so on. We, Dunsan Korean medicine hospital, offer acupuncture and medicine treatment.   - Medicine treatment – Normally, we offer a herbal medicine. Through Korean medical diagnosis, the treatment helps to improve the function of the lung, get rid of phlegm and relieve the rapid respiration. Moreover, herbal medicine using herb that increases the yin energy makes the body energetic and increases the immune system.   - Acupuncture – Increase self healing ability through balance in the body.         ☯ What is chronic cough?   Normally, if patient coughs for over 3 weeks, it could be diagnosed as chronic cough. If a chronic cough lasts long, it could be asthma.         ☯ Causes of chronic cough      ° Expose to the cold air and eat cold foods so the lung becomes weak.    ° The function of lung is weak naturally.    ° Resistance may decrease because the mental tension cause stress to the body.    ° Excessive sad mood is harm to the lung.  
Allergy & Constitutional medicine 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-11-21 , 조회수 : 5,568 ]
< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                       ☯ What is Allergy? When foreign substances come into the body, immune response occurs to protect the body. This process is called normal immune response. However, an allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system.         ☯ Types of allergy   The symptoms of respiratory allergic diseases are bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis. The symptoms of digestive system allergic diseases are stomachache, diarrhea, urticaria even a state of whole body shock and bronchial asthma. There are healthful eating and harmful eating depending on constitution.         ☯ Symptoms of allergy   Allergy rhinitis, the most common allelic disease, causes the symptoms of spasmodic sneezing, lots of mucus, nasal congestion, itchiness of eye and nose.         ☯ Treatment   1. Patients need to be active participants in their care.    Continuous outpatient treatment, improve daily life, remove the antigen.   2. Avoid antigen that causes allergy.       - Vacuum the carpet, sofa and so on more than once a week.       - Throw out the old dolls, pillow, and bed clothes. (Cover with plastic upholstery for prevention mite)       - Try to get rid of carpet, fabric sofa, stuffed animal, doll, curtain and so on.       - If patient has animal antigen, patients should not raise animal inside the home or even in the neighborhood.           (It takes 6 months to remove animal antigen.)   3. Herbal medicine    Herbal medicine is helpful in not only treatment of symptoms but also minimization of allergy outbreak    by improving immune system.   4. Acupuncture therapy    Strengthen the self-healing capacity of the body by improving human body’s ability to recover.   5. Aroma therapy    Treat allergy through disinfection and immune cell activation using aroma oil.   6. Psychological stability & Positive thinking    Impatience breaks down in health. Psychological stability and positive thinking help patients stay healthy.         ☯ Dietary treatment based on constitution   1. Taeeum physiological type      - Healthful eating –      · Grain: sorghum, Job's tears, bean, sugar      · Meat: beef, milk      · Vegetable: radish, balloon flower      · Fruit: chestnut, walnut, ginkgo nut, pear, apricot      - Harmful eating –      Taeeum physiological type people should avoid spicy foods or fatty foods. Therefore, chicken, pork,      ginseng tea, honey, alcohol are the harmful foods.   2. Soyang physiological type      - Healthful eating –      · Grain: adzuki beans, mung beans      · Meat: pork      · Vegetable: Chinese cabbage, eggplant, cucumber, burdock      · Seafood: a raw oyster, sea cucumber, sea squirt, shrimp, crab, crawfish, snakehead      · Fruit: oriental melon, strawberry, banana, pineapple      · etc: beer      - Harmful eating –      Soyang physiological type produces lots of body heat, so foods with warmth nature should be avoided.      Spicy foods such as pepper, ginger, green onion, garlic, mustard, curry, coffee and chicken, goat meat,      orange, honey, ginseng, alcohol are harmful food for soyang people.   3. Soeum physiological type      - Healthful eating –      · Grain: glutinous millet      · Meat: chicken, goat meat, honey      · Fruit: tangerine, peach, orange, lemon      · Vegetable: green onion, pepper, garlic, mustard, black pepper, water parsley      - Harmful eating –      Fatty, cold and raw foods are not good for soeum physiological type people because those foods      are not easy to digest. Especially, oriental melon, cold milk, ice cream, beer, pork,  flour based food are harmful.   4. Taeyang physiological type      - Healthful eating –      Cold nature foods are better than warm nature foods. And, Foods that have low fat and are not spicy      are appropriate. Particularly, sea foods and vegetables are good for taeyang people.        · Grain: buckwheat      · Sea foods: shrimp, shellfish (oyster, abalone, turban shell, crab, sea cucumber      · Vegetable: watershield plant, pine needles      · Fruit: grape, persimmon, cherry, quince      - Harmful eating –      Spicy foods, foods with warm nature and fatty foods are inappropriate dietary for taeyang physiological type people.  
Korean medical cosmetic surgery 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-11-20 , 조회수 : 5,323 ]
< Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                      ☯What is Mae Seon acupuncture?   Mae-Seon means acupuncture therapy that places stitches under the skin.  Mae-Seon is a method that is modern development of traditional Korean medical stitching therapy. Stitches placed underneath the skin will dissolve away over time.   Mae-Seon Acupuncture has several effects as follows;    - Muscle supplement by strengthening connective tissues    - Induction of dermal collagenesis so long-term effects after procedure    - Effects will be increased over time         ☯ Treatable disorders using Mae Seon Acupuncture      ° Pain Treatment    ° Scar Treatment    ° Obesity Treatment    ° Growth disorder Treatment    ° Korean medical cosmetic surgery    ° Wrinkle improvement    ° Breast line surgery         ☯ Mae Seon Acupuncture effects on facial paralysis   Facial paralysis accompanies aftereffects such as sagging eyelids, twisted mouth, and abnormal facial wrinkles. These aftereffects of facial paralysis take a long time to cure and to recover; so many patients suffer from after effects rather than from facial paralysis itself. There is no, however, appropriate and accurate treatment method for aftereffects of facial paralysis.   Mae Seon Acupuncture places stitched under the muscle and fascia depending on patient’s facial condition. Therefore, patient improves his/her muscle tone and paralysis symptoms get better.         ☯ Mae Seon Acupuncture effects on facial cosmetic surgery   Mae Seon Acupuncture is effective for facial wrinkles, scars on the face and the body, sagging skin etc. (skin tone recovery, tissue regeneration, face lift) Compared to the other cosmetic surgery, Mae Seon Acupuncture has advantages of moderate prices, effectiveness, persisting effect and no side effect. There is a difference depending on the symptoms but mostly treatment effect is enough by getting just one procedure.         ☯ Advantages of Mae Seon Acupunctrue      1. Mae Seon is comparatively simple. (Estimated procedure time: 30 minutes)    2. Treatment method that has the cost effectiveness.    3. Resuming normal activity right after getting procedure.    4. No side effect after procedure.    5. It is possible to get a repeated procedure in case of need.    6. Korean medical treatment maximizes the ability of natural healing of the body. So patients are refreshing,        in unforced way.    7. Mae Seon acupuncture is not that painful.         ☯Mae Seon Acupuncture procedure   1. Estimated procedure time depends on the symptom, but about 30 minutes. 2. The number of procedure depends on the symptom      - Mild symptom: once      - Severe symptom: 3 times at fortnightly intervals         ☯ Precautions      1. Slight swelling and bruise can occur after Mae Seon Acupuncture, but will fade out over time.    2. It is better not to stimulate the face. Do not take a sauna, shower and drink alcohol.    3. Do not move facial muscle too much for three days after procedure. (e.g. Yawn, scream, sing)  
Fire needle acupuncture 컨텐츠이미지 [ 등록일 : 2013-11-02 , 조회수 : 6,248 ]
  < Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University>   http://en.djuds.or.kr                                 Shortening of treatment duration in patients with ligament injury.   Fire needle acupuncture therapy     A sprain is a disorder of high frequency from various activities. (From daily life to exercise) Patients with grade 2 sprain or who neglect to have proper medical care may develop the chronic relapsing sprain that causes severe pain and ligament instability and suffer from the after effects.   Ligament injury caused by sprain is the most common disorder but the easiest disorder to neglect to have proper treatment. Fire needle acupuncture by heating is effective for reduction of treatment duration and doing early rehabilitation exercise. Also, it helps patients to prevent muscular weakness and myatophy and improve joint stability. In addition, it minimizes the recurrence and after effects. As a result, fire needle acupuncture by heating is widely used as a major treatment method for improvement of symptom and function.   - Ligament injury - Grade 1   ° Pulled ligament (microscopic tearing) ° Symptom: minimal swelling and pain.Does not have ankle instability ° Prognosis: Normal range of ankle motion. Has no dysfunction ° Patients can exercise within a week or two weeks   Grade 2   ° Complete tears of some but not all ligament ° Symptom: pain, swelling, hypodermal bleeding(contusion) Limitation within the range of motion of ankle, limp when walking ° Prognosis: Do not exercise for four-six weeks. Patients need to do rehabilitation exercise and have recovery period for a long time.   Grade 3   ° Complete tear of ligament ° Symptom: severe pain, severe swelling, hypodermal bleeding (contusion), limitation within the range of motion of ankle, difficulty of walking ° Prognosis: chronic ankle instability, consider surgery as time passed.         ☯ Fire needle acupuncture by heating   Korean medicine doctor applies acupuncture on the damaged ligaments, then, applies heat to the needle. In this way, acupuncture needle transfers heat to the body. Unlike an existing method that applies acupuncture on meridian points, this method is approached from a histologic standpoint. Also, it’s effective and safe way without skin burn.         ☯Moxibustion & warm needle acupuncture   Korean medicine doctor applies acupuncture and moxa which is attached to an acupuncture needle, so the needle transfers heat to the body. This method does acupuncture and moxibustion works simultaneously.         ☯ 10 advantages of fire needle acupuncture therapy      1. Improve of the quality of life by shortening of treatment duration.    2. Relieve pain & swelling. Improve walking with a limp    3. Early rehabilitation exercise without wearing a cast.    4. No skin burn.    5. Has no harmful side effect.    6. Prevent chronic ankle sprain.    7. Prevent chronic after effects.    8. Quickly resume normal daily activities.    9. Ease the medical expenses by shortening of treatment duration.    10. Optimum therapy for athletes.         ☯ Treatment process of fire needle acupuncture by heating                      ☯ Treatment method of ligament injury and process       ☯ Treatable disorders using fire needle acupuncture      ° Sports injuries (soccer, run, basketball, volleyball etc)    ° Musculoskeletal system disorder (tennis elbow, golf elbow, chronic ligament injuries etc)    ° Sprain and tension of neck bone & hucklebone    ° Areas of tendon and ligament injuries    ° Ligament injuries caused by carelessness in daily life         ☯ Ability to tolerate pain   Pain tolerance has increased by three-quarters after two times of treatments. Improve symptom of walking with a limp because of pain.         ☯ Pain     Pain has decreased by 40 percent after two times of treatments. Patients are able to do rehabilitation exercise, so after effects are minimized.  
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